Pan STARRS Challenge Answers

This month, I brought all of you along for a trip to Hawaii to visit one of the most powerful (physically and symbolically) telescopes on planet Earth. If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Congratulations to the winners of this month’s In The Queue challenge who correctly answered (or guessed) questions about our very own solar system. Here are the correct answers to the challenge:

1. Due to falling space dust, every single day the Earth gets heavier by about: 100 Tons

2. The only planet in our solar system to rotate clockwise is: Venus

3. The body of water that has the closest equivalent volume to Earth’s moon is:  The Pacific Ocean

4. Due to to the vast range of different calculations on the internet for the thickness of Saturns rings, I have decided to remove this question from the challenge. The correct answer would have been a range of 10 meters to 100 meters.

 5. An astronaut is anyone who travels higher than: 50 miles above sea level

6. The craters of the moon were caused by: meteor impacts

7.  By the time the light of the sun hits the earth, it is: 30,000 years old (I hope my hint was helpful)

Congratulations to this month’s challenge winners, and stay tuned for my next adventure when I attempt to ride the most heart-pounding roller coaster in the world!

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Solar Sinter Project – 3D Printing Goes Green


Solar Sinter - 3D Printer

When you were a kid, maybe you built a parabolic solar cooker as a science project and thought you were pretty hot stuff. Well, Markus Kayser, who is clearly not a kid, but has the lateral-thinking skills of one, did something much more impressive: he built a working 3D printer that utilizes the sun’s rays to sinter solid objects out of desert sand. The Solar Sinter (based on selective laser sintering) uses the Saharan sand as the medium and sunlight from a Fresnel lens in place of a laser. By using the sun’s rays instead of a laser and sand instead of powder based material used in modern 3D printers, Markus had the basis of an entirely new solar-powered machine and production process for making glass objects that taps into the abundant supplies of sun and sand to be found in the deserts of the world.

This is an awesome illustration of how high-tech industrial design can be sustainably democratized. Booyah! Any thoughts?  

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The Future of Passenger Planes – an Imaginative Glimpse into 2050

Greetings fellow nerds (and non-nerds…I am not here to descriminate),

Airbus Concept Plane

Airbus Concept Plane

It truly is amazing how far technology has been pushed in the past 100 years, let alone after Y2K. Who could have imagined iPads, Blu-ray Players, artificial hearts, or even patented instant online quoting a century ago; maybe only in science fiction novels. But while advances in technology have certainly been pushed by the creativity and intelligence of our current generation, is there anyone else out there who salivates over the thought of where our ingenuity will take us in the next 100 years? I certainly do, and in the time it takes humans to figure out how to email me a napkin to wipe up, humanity will be bridging the gap to the next chapter of science fact. 

What is science fiction anyway but a roadmap of possibilities. One person’s vision of the future is potentially another’s senior thesis, and then maybe a way of life for millions of others.

One company in particular has really let its imagination lift off — literally. Designers and engineers at Airbus have given all of us a glance at how they envision the airplanes of the future.  Check out the USA Today article below, but remember that this is the vision. The question is, who is ready to transform this into reality? I challenge all of us.

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Singapore Flyer Challenge Answers

This month, my world travels took me to the pristine and (ahem) sometimes foggy city of Singapore. If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Congratulations to the knowledgeable winners of this month’s In The Queue challenge. For the challenge, I gave you all a multiple choice quiz over your knowledge of Singapore and its interesting history. Here are the correct answers to the challenge:

1. Of the choices listed, the one that is NOT a law in Singapore is: Wearing a Plaid Shirt with a Striped Tie

2. The Malay word “Singapura” means: The Lion City

3. The language used in most educational institutions across Singapore is:  English

4. The country with the most dense population in the world is: Monaco

5. The mythical symbol of Singapore is the: Merlion

6. Singapore has this many islands: 63

7. Singapore has obtained an olympic gold medal in: Weighlifting

8. The main ingredient in a ‘Singapore Sling’ is: Gin

Congratulations to this month’s challenge winners, and stay tuned for my next adventure where I get a step closer to outter space!

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a rocket powered football?


Quickparts FootballNow this is what I call high powered marketing!  Want to see what the guys at Harvest Technologies did with their Quickparts football?

Check it out!  Think you can get your Quickparts football higher?

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Dual-Screen Laptop Concept!

This awesome concept by Philipp Schaake won a prize in the Fujitsu Award 2011 competition! Can you imagine arranging your input device in whatever manner you want? No longer will we be tied to keyboards and video game controller layouts! I could switch between QWERTY and DVORAK at the touch of a button! I can’t wait for this to come out so game developers can have a go at it.

Live Long and Prosper Crowd Notebook…

Check out Soft Sailor for the full story.

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My Little Secret Weapon – GoPro Cam

I am glad many of you have been enjoying my videos as much as I have. While I am always thankful that my marketing group doesn’t hold back when devising catchy premises to act upon, I don’t think I have given enough credit to the technology that has kept up with my antics and captured them in HD quality. I call it my “little secret weapon”, but most others just call it the GoPro HD head-mounted video camera.

Think of it as small and accessible like a Flip Cam, powerful and precise like a DeWalt Heavy-Duty 12 Compound Miter Saw, unassuming like my Aunt Mildred’s pasta salad (WATCH OUT!), and surprisingly sporty like, well…ME! If that doesn’t paint a concrete picture (sometimes my analogies can get the best of me), then maybe i’ll let the GoPro website do the talking. Be sure to check out their super cool homepage intro video.

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Grand Canyon Winners & Answers

Congratulations to the super smart winners of this month’s In The Queue Challenge:


R. Rios – FL


A. Jamil – NH

B. Dunville – IN

C. Peterson – NY

This month, I took a road trip to revisit one of my favorite childhood sites, the famous Grand Canyon. This time around, however, I got the full experience when I stepped out onto the Skywalk, a new glass bridge looming 70 feet over the canyon. Let’s just say my hands were numb afterwards from holding onto the railing so tightly.

For this month’s challenge, I gave you a multiple choice quiz over your knowledge of Grand Canyon trivia. Here are the correct answers to the Grand Canyon Challenge.

1. The Grand Canyon became an official national park under: Woodrow Wilson

2. One of the deepest canyons in the world is: Kali Gandaki Gorge, Nepal

3. The first people to live in the Grand Canyon area were the:  Pueblo Indians

4. You can find the Grand Canyon in the state of: Arizona

5. The river that snakes its way through the Grand Canyon is called the: Colorado River

6. The average depth of the Grand Canyon is: 1.0 mile

7. The first person to lead an expedition down the Colorado River through the Canyon was: John Powell

8. The animal that you would NOT be able to see when making a visit to the Grand Canyon would be the: Chupacabra

Again, congratulations to our winners (enjoy your cool prizes) and thanks to the many people who submitted answers this month!

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Holy Electric Racing Car, Batman!

It looks like the guys at Peugot have been watching the recent Batman movies! The EX1 Prototype is a 100% electric two-seat roadster concept car that’s making headlines by breaking world records at the Nurburgring circuit. This beast of an electric car was created to celebrate Peugot’s 200th, and boasts an impressive 2 motors to bump the car up to 340 horsepower!

While this is only a prototype, you can expect some of this new technology to trickle down to our own vehicles in the near future. Add some armor plating, a mounted machine gun, and some ejector flames from the back, and Chris Nolan might have a legit lawsuit!

Check out Peugot’s image gallery for more pics of this sweet prototype!

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37,000 Image Space Panorama!

What does it look like when you stitch 37,000 pictures of the sky together? Amazing!

Nick Risinger is an epic photographer who trekked 60,000 miles around the world taking pictures of the stars in order to create a single 5,000 megapixel image! The result is the most incredible panoramic 360/360 (that’s a full circle left-right, AND up-down!) I’ve ever seen in my life!

For the full story, hop over to Nick’s website at

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