Born in 1979 to a Rocket Scientist father and High School Biology teacher mother, Johnny Quickparts was destined to become an engineer. Growing up, his favorite subjects in school were math and physics which he would study when his favorite show MacGyver wasn’t on television. Johnny attended his father’s alma mater where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and graduated with summa cum laude honors. While in college, Johnny was a member of Pi Tau Sigma and Tau Beta Pi.

After he graduated college, Johnny’s first engineering job was with Boeing working on the Space Station Freedom. Seeking more of a challenge and independence from his father’s rockets, Johnny left Boeing and went to work for Acme Design Corporation where he is currently employed. At Acme, Johnny was part of the team that created Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot maid and Batman & Robin’s utility belts.

When he isn’t working on cutting-edge technology at Acme, Johnny enjoys CAD, playing online chess and watching MythBusters. He has attended the midnight showing of all the Star Wars films and enjoys spending quality time with his dog, McFly, and Goldfish, Wanda.

To date, Johnny’s biggest accomplishment was starring in the book “Better Be Running! Tools to Drive Design Success” by Ron Hollis where he was the product development hero. He used 3D printing technologies to create products that his boss thought could only be produced by hand.

Moving forward, Johnny will be your guide through an exciting year of prototypes, prizes and play. He will send you regular emails containing new tools, interesting facts, and helpful information. Johnny isn’t all business though, he will also have some fun challenges and games thrown in as well. There will be chances to win prizes ranging from shirts to plasma televisions, and Johnny will even offer some special deals to the recipients of the regularly scheduled emails.

Check out some of Johnny’s fun QuickFlix Videos on his Youtube channel!