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Injection Molded ‘Frii’ Plastic Bike | Johnny's Two Cents

Injection Molded ‘Frii’ Plastic Bike

Posted by johnnyquickparts on February 17, 2012

Dror Peleg, an Israeli student at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, designed ‘Frii’, an injection molded single speed city bike made with various recycled plastics. Using injection mold technology, constructing the Frii bike is less labor-intensive and more accessible than the traditional metal bicycle.

Before injecting, the bearings are placed into the mold. The tires are then injected over the rims using “full” material making them flat tire-proof. The seat can be injected in different sizes, the wheels are interchangeable, and different colors can be chosen, making the bikes easily customizable.

The Frii is built to be sturdy with a shorter fork, plastic ribs, and the pyriamid shaped bottom. The recycled materials create additional strength for the bike.

The concept behind the design was creating a hybrid of local industry and traditional product.

To see more pictures of the Frii, click here!

To learn more about injection molding, click here!

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