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“Kicking Off” The Year In Style Trivia Answers | Johnny's Two Cents

“Kicking Off” The Year In Style Trivia Answers

Posted by johnnyquickparts on February 14, 2012

A big congratulations this month’s winner: M. McGraw from Massachusetts.  That $250 Gift Card to Quickparts.com  will really come in handy for an upcoming Stereolithography (SLA) project.

Here are the correct answers to this month’s challenge:

1. What player has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards with three?

A.     Troy Aikman

B.     Terry Bradshaw

C.     Jerry Rice

D.     Joe Montana

2. Who is the only player to have won Super Bowl MVP on a losing team?

A.     Roger Staubach

B.     Kurt Warner

C.     Chuck Howley

D.     Jake Delhomme

3. What team lost a Super Bowl by the smallest margin in the game’s history?

A.     New England Patriots

B.     St. Louis Rams

C.     Buffalo Bills

D.     Miami Dolphins

4. Which Super Bowl winning starting quarterback attempted the fewest passes in a single Super Bowl game?

A.     Bob Griese

B.     Len Dawson

C.     Bart Starr

D.     Joe Namath

5. What player holds the record for most career sacks in the Super Bowl?

A.     Reggie White

B.     Mean Joe Greene

C.     Randy White

D.     Charles Haley

6. What player holds the record for most interceptions in a Super Bowl game?

A.     Rod Woodson

B.     Everson Walls

C.     Rod Martin

D.     Darrell Green

7. Where was the first Super Bowl held?

A.     New Orleans

B.     Miami

C.     Los Angeles

D.  Phoenix

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