Tunnel Into Some Trivia

Posted by johnnyquickparts on December 12, 2011

Thanks for joining me on my undersea adventure through the Channel Tunnel.  If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Let’s have a big round of applause for this month’s winner: S. Ranta from Washington.  That $250 Stereolithography (SLA) credit at Quickparts.com will really come in handy for an upcoming project.

Here are the correct answers to this month’s challenge:

1. The Channel Tunnel between England and France is actually the second longest railway tunnel in the world.  What is the world’s longest railway tunnel?:  Seikan Tunnel, Japan

2. At 85 miles long and 13.5 feet wide, what is the world’s longest continuous underground tunnel?:  Delaware Aqueduct, New York 

3. Opened in 1950, which vehicle tunnel connecting Manhattan with Long Island and New Jersey is still the longest continuous underwater vehicular tunnel in the world?:  Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

4. In the prison movie, The Shawshank Redemption, what does lead character Andy Dufresne use to slowly tunnel his escape route from his prison cell?:  A rock hammer

5. What fast burrowing animal can dig a 300 foot tunnel overnight?:  Mole

6. What city is considered to have the world’s oldest subway tunnel, built in 1844?:  New York

7. As a follow up to his record breaking album Born in the USA from 1984, Bruce Springsteen released his 8th album in 1987.  What was the name of this album?:  Tunnel of Love

Thanks for playing.

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