International Space Station Challenge Answers & Winners

Posted by johnnyquickparts on October 10, 2011

I hope you learned a few things about space travel and observation from this month’s challenge. If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Let’s have a big round of applause for this month’s winner: V. Coleman from Alabama. That $250 Stereolithography credit at will go a long way — not to outer space, but you know what I mean.

Here are the correct answers to this month’s challenge:

1. The number of individuals that have visited the Internation Space Station (ISS) since the year 2000 is about: 200

2. The person who has spent the most time in space is: Sergei Krikalev

3. The famous person whose last name is also the acronym for an exercise machine used in the ISS is:  Stephen Colbert

4. The approximate cost of the ISS is: $100 Billion

5.  Spock from the original Star Trek series was famous for the slogan:  “Live Long and Prosper”

6. The cartoon character that is the personal safety mascot of U.S. astronauts is: Snoopy

7.  In the United Sates, to be in the running to be an astonaut, one must: All of the Above

Thanks for playing. Please stay tuned for my next adventure when I visit a bridge that’s practically in the clouds!

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