Kingda Ka Challenge Answers

Posted by johnnyquickparts on August 8, 2011

This month’s trivia sure did ”throw me for a loop”! Hope you all had fun answering the roller coaster trivia. If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Congratulations to this month’s winners, especially Duncan Burns for his humorous account of a childhood memory!

Here are the correct answers to this month’s challenge:

1. The name of the roller coaster which opened on Coney Island in 1927 was the: Cyclone

2. A mechanism that is NOT used by engineers to set a roller coaster in motion is a: Turbine Engine

3. The Las Vegas casino that boasts its own in-house roller coaster is:  New York New York

4. The country that is home to the longest steel roller coaster in the world is: Japan

5. The amusement park that has the fastest roller coaster on Earth is: Ferrari World

6. The Flip Flap roller coaster was closed in the 19th century because: It snapped people’s necks

7.  The term NOT used by a foreign country to refer to the word “roller coaster” is: People launcher

For those of you who completed the extra credit portion of this month’s challenge, thank you for all of the very entertaining responses. To view our top picks, check out my facebook NOTE here. You may have to befriend me to view the note. Stay tuned for my next adventure when I take notes from my friendly neighborhood beaver and learn what it takes to construct a proper dam!

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