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Singapore Flyer Challenge Answers | Johnny's Two Cents

Singapore Flyer Challenge Answers

Posted by acleveland on June 13, 2011

This month, my world travels took me to the pristine and (ahem) sometimes foggy city of Singapore. If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest In the Queue email, you can catch it here.

Congratulations to the knowledgeable winners of this month’s In The Queue challenge. For the challenge, I gave you all a multiple choice quiz over your knowledge of Singapore and its interesting history. Here are the correct answers to the challenge:

1. Of the choices listed, the one that is NOT a law in Singapore is: Wearing a Plaid Shirt with a Striped Tie

2. The Malay word “Singapura” means: The Lion City

3. The language used in most educational institutions across Singapore is:  English

4. The country with the most dense population in the world is: Monaco

5. The mythical symbol of Singapore is the: Merlion

6. Singapore has this many islands: 63

7. Singapore has obtained an olympic gold medal in: Weighlifting

8. The main ingredient in a ‘Singapore Sling’ is: Gin

Congratulations to this month’s challenge winners, and stay tuned for my next adventure where I get a step closer to outter space!

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