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Year In Review Challenge Answers | Johnny's Two Cents

Year In Review Challenge Answers

Posted by johnnyquickparts on March 10, 2011

Wow, sorting through my pictures from the year sure reminds me of all the fun adventures I had in 2010. I went on some crazy trips, tackled some hot issues, and had lots of fun doing it all! I got a chance to voice my opinion on the topic of Net Neutrality, snuggled up with the LHC, and was attacked by an idol of mine, Pete Townsend. What a great year!

Quickparts also had a big year.  In 2010, Quickparts presented several new offerings including new processes, materials, and capabilities. On August 25th, for example, Quickparts announced the addition of a new service, QuickCutCNC™, to their already extensive product line portfolio. This QuickCutCNC™ service provides engineers with CNC machined parts in less than five business days, with material options ranging from aluminum to over 30 different plastics.  Quickparts even introduced several new materials this year, adding the High-Temp Accura Bluestone and High-Impact Somos NeXt to our SLA material family, and a new Polypropylene-like material to our PolyJet process line.

For this challenge, I asked you some questions about Quickparts to test your knowledge for a chance to win a Canon PowerShot camera and some Flip cameras.  Here are the correct answers to the 2010 Year in Review Challenge.

1.  The QuickQuote patent number is:  7305367

2.  Quickparts offers 6 rapid prototyping processes available for online quoting

3.  Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to buy custom designed parts that meet their needs

4.  STL files are the 3D CAD format required to get an online quote

Congratulations to our winners and don’t forget to check back often for more answers.

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