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Have you heard of TED.com? | Johnny's Two Cents

Have you heard of TED.com?

Posted by johnnyquickparts on January 3, 2011

Greetings Fellow Nerds,For those who haven’t discovered one of my favorite websites yet, I thought I would offer a more than subtle hint. It’s a site called TED.com, and it is one of the most valuable free learning tools I have found for keeping up with innovations across many industries. My glasses are getting fogged up just thinking about it.Think of it as a YouTube for smart people, with the best and brightest in several fields coming together to offer their talks on life, science, technology, entertainment, design… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Discussion topics range from discoveries by the famous Jane Goodall and her famous chimpanzees, to the multifaceted Tim Ferris and his talks on learning any skill, to pursuing dreams the Steve Jobs way.I especially like the speech by Eden Bayer, who discovered how to transform a backyard mushroom into a plastic organic building material. He’s helping to pave the way toward creating more bio-friendly products. Be sure to check that one out.So for the nerd in all of us, push your glasses a little closer to your head, because it’s going to be an eye-opening ride.Feel free to share your favorite TED video with me.Cheers,Johnny

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