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Fall Answers

The leaves are very rapidly falling from all of the trees in my yard… must be Fall once again.  Thanks to my email a couple of weeks ago, cleaning up leaves just got a lot easier for our Fall Challenge winner who chose to receive the riding lawnmower.  Congrats to our winner.We had a lot … Continue reading »

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American Beer Week Answers

October 1 – 7 was American Beer Week, so I headed to the local pub for a celebration pint.  Little did I know that I would be drinking with some of my favorite beer mascots!  For a prize, leave a comment with the names of all the beer mascots that you see in the picture above. As a celebration … Continue reading »

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College Football Trivia

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a college football game and was so overtaken by the fans that I decided to make a challenge around college football trivia.  To my delight, many of you played for the 50″ plasma tv and college team jerseys.  I did realize, however, that my lack of college football … Continue reading »

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Ironman Triathalon Answers

In honor of the Ironman events, I posed you with a mental triathalon that I named the Ironmind challenge.  Many of you correctly completed the Ironmind challenge which consisted of a History part, Science part and a Math part.  Below are the answers:I – History1.  Kona2.  The Sandwich Islands3.  August 21, 19594.  Mauna KeaII – … Continue reading »

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CAD Trivia Answers

I recently returned from the Design & Manufacturing Midwest show where I got to see some of you at the Quickparts booth.  Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us!  We enjoy meeting all of the Quickparts customers and potential customers.The CAD challenge was a difficult one, but we had a lot of correct answers.  … Continue reading »

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